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The clinic was established in 1993 by Charis Nachna after his graduation from the Scandinavian College of Manual Medicin in Sweden. Our chiropractic/physical therapy clinic is cooperating at times with clinicians from different specialities. At present the clinic is operating with Charis Nachna and George Koumentos and our Nutritionist Natalia Pagoni.

Charis Nachna, DN, cert. MDT

Charis is a Naprapath, Biomedical Scientist (Clinical Physiology) and a frequent lecturer with 28 years of experience and more than 70,000 treatments under his belt. He is the founder and clinic manager of NoMorePain in Rhodes. He is also working every other month in Stockholm-Sweden at Vasa Fysiocenter and teaches Anatomy and sports injuries at PT-Distans, a personal trainers educational program.

He has an international certification in the McKenzie method (MDT), certified in medical acupuncture (Dry Needling) and medical laser.

One of Charis main goals is that the patient should become independent of others help and treatments as soon as possible.

Sports are a big part of his life, especially kite surfing, running, strength training.

Giorgos Koumentos, PT


George has Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy by the University of East London. His main goals are to help his patients recover from their painful conditions, overcome possible obstacles during the rehabilitation process and at the same time educate them on how to manage their physical problems in the future.

He is continuously attending post graduate courses in order to keep his skills sharp and up to date.

He is also an Ackermann’s method(structural osteopathy and soft chiropractic) certified practitioner.

George used to be a professional football player so he is well aware of the importance of quick and specific rehabilitation. He always makes sure he treats his patients with state of the art and evidence based methods.

Natalia Pagoni

Clinical Dietician, Nutritionist

Having competed on a National and European level in cycling (first place Individual timing and a third place at the Women’s speed event at the National races of 2015), Natalia became interested in using food as a way of maximizing sports performance, but also as therapy. This led her to embark on a four-year Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics at the Department of ATEI in Crete

There she discovered how to look at nutrition from an evidence-based perspective and using this knowledge to help people help themselves.

People often seek a nutritional consultation to:

  1. Enhance digestive and gastro-intestinal health
  2. Balance hormonal fluctuations
  3. Explore weight loss strategies
  4. Support cardiovascular health
  5. Reduce chronic inflammation
  6. Strengthen or modulate immune responses
  7. Improve emotional wellbeing
  8. Maintain energy levels and concentration throughout the working day
  9. Maximize their sports performance


The first session:

The first session lasts about an hour, during which a detailed medical history of the individual is initially recorded. Daily eating habits and the biochemical composition of the body is assessed and analyzed.

Body composition analysis (Tanita) is a partial body composition analysis with high accuracy, using non invasive bio-impedance multi-requency technology.

At the end of the session we’ll discuss what you hope to achieve from a nutritional perspective and the time frames by which you goals will be achieved.

An individualized diet plan will be created. This will be sent to you by email within 2 days and a review date will be set (usually within 2 weeks).