Covid-19 Precautions and regulations

/Covid-19 Precautions and regulations

Physiotherapy Services, by law, nature and purpose are part of primary health care services and continue to be provided safely.

A. Basic principles

Minimize the number of people (e.g. transporters of materials ) into the clinic
Keeping daily stuff and patient records to facilitate tracking if a cover 19 infection is diagnosed
Visible post at the entrance and at other instruction points regarding
a) Hand hygiene / Respiratory Hygiene
b) Symptoms of Covid Infection (Fever, cough, Pharyngitis, running nose, diarrhea, anosmia, chest pain, and shortness of breath )
c) The Maximum capacity of the rooms to maintain safe distances ( ratio of people per room / 1 patient per treatment room )

Ensure adequacy of personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves ) and sanitary material, such as antiseptic alcoholic solution approved by the HOPD, in pump containers located at key points (entrance, waiting for areas, corridors, work areas ) handkerchiefs / liquid soap

Removal of periodicals and brochures from the waiting areas
All people entering the area wear a mask (covering mouth, nose, and chin ) and keep it throughout their entire stay
Daily history upon arrival of patients in the clinic, for any symptoms compatible with COVID 19 infection

Thermometry, (with thermometer measuring body temperature without contact ) before the start of a physiotherapy session

The staff and the necessary attendants monitor their health daily and in case they or their family member develop symptoms compatible with COVID 19 they do not come to the clinic and inform people in charge immediately. In any case communication with the personal physician is recommended

The entry of attendants is prohibited with the exception of attendants necessary for the movement of the patient (one attendant per case) recommendations that escorts should be removed from the area.
The escorts, if they arrive at the place and during their stay, necessarily wear a mask
Recommendations for attending the clinic with some means of transportation

Attendance is gradual ( no appointments at the same time )

Patients must arrive at their appointments at the scheduled time
To rule out concurrency, it is recommended that they be informed that they should remain in the courtyard or in their car where there is a mobile phone signal to be notified of arrival after the previous patient left

Observance of the natural distance of 2 meters from anyone entering the area, the application of hand hygiene, and the use of necessary personal protection measures is crucial and must be constantly pointed out

The measures concern the protection of the health of the individuals both during their activity inside the physiotherapy clinic and outside (e.g. movements of employees to and from the clinic)

Volunteers and support or advisory staff are prohibited unless it is an emergency for health reasons

General recommendations for cleaning and disinfection based on the relevant instructions for the cleaning and disinfection of the health environment of EODY:

observance of the instructions of the Ministry of Health for the use of air conditioning: The operation of air conditioning units should be parallel to the continuous or at least systematic natural ventilation of the space (open windows and or external doors) (update of D1 (d) / GP house 26335 / 23-04-2020 circular clarifications for the use of air conditioning during the summer period in

A.2 Staff and patient protection
Frequent hand hygiene by providing alcoholic antiseptic solutions in pump containers approved by the National Medicine Agency ( EOF), located at key points

Application of physical barriers to limit the contact of administrative staff (if any), with the patients during service and other tasks of an administrative nature

Staff training in :

Hand hygiene application
application of respiratory hygiene
Use of a questionnaire on the symptoms of COVID 19 infection
application and removal of personal protective equipment

B. Physiotherapy

The physiotherapist applies personal protective equipment (surgical mask, gloves, face mask with emphasis in cases where the patient can not wear a mask ) during the session

After the session, the examination bed, and the treatment equipment or means are disinfected and then the personal protective equipment is removed, before contact with another patient

Hand Hygiene follows.

Application of new personal protective equipment before the start of a new session

The mask is discarded when wet or visibly dirty
There is a time limit of 15 minutes after the service is provided, in order to ventilate and disinfect the space and to take the necessary measures by the therapist ( change of gloves, mask ETC)

For patients who can not wear a mask, strong recommendation for therapists to wear a face mask and a face shield

The ventilation and cleaning/disinfection of the space after the completion of each physiotherapy session should be done according to the instructions of EODY

The maximum numbers of patients have been determined to maintain safe distances (ratio of people per room 1 patient / per treatment room )

Use telematics applications where possible
Only individual treatments are performed

The above recommendations also apply to the physiotherapy services provided by physiotherapists at home