Massage Therapy

/Massage Therapy

Keep your muscles working with deep tissue massage!

Massage is frequently used in conjunction with our other manual therapies but is also offered as a stand alone service. Our certified therapists are experts in treating deep tissues providing you with significant pain relief by relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation. You can combine your massage session with stretching and cupping for enhanced results.

Massage can be helpful in:

  1. Stress reduction and increased relaxation
  2. Decreased muscle soreness and tension
  3. Improving blood circulation, energy and alertness
  4. Lowering blood pressure
  5. Anxiety related muscle tension
  6. Fibromyalgia
  7. Tension Headaches
  8. Stress related insomnia
  9. Lower back pain
  10. Myofascial pain syndrome
  11. Soft tissue strains or injuries
  12. Sports injuries
  13. Upper back and neck pain