Rehab and fitness programs tailored to your specific needs!

Rehabilitation is an integral part of physical therapy. It aims to return the patient to his daily life and activities as well as the return of the athlete to competitive action. Rehabilitation varies depending on the needs of each person and the problem that concerns him/her. Indicatively, rehabilitation of a patient with a neurological disorder (stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.) may include retraining of gait and balance, management and normalization of muscle tone, retraining of fine motor control and mobility.

If rehabilitation concerns an athlete, we get involved from the moment he is injured or operated on, until his return to the field. Our experience in both assessment and therapeutic intervention, allow us to guide athletes in such a way that they return strong again to competitive activity (return to play), with a low risk of re-injury.

At No More Pain we work with everything between elite athletes to normal weekend warriors from a variety of sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, martial arts, dance, track and field.