Everything you need to know about neck pain !

//Everything you need to know about neck pain !

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about neck pain!
Most people will experience neck pain at least once in their lives. The severity of symptoms may vary from mild to moderate or severe.

What are the causes of neck pain? 

The reasons that can cause neck pain are numerous, due to the complexity of the spine. Neck pain can be caused by herniated discs or dysfunctional muscle structures like the trapezius muscles or levator scapulae (which can cause headaches as well). While it is not uncommon for neck pain to occur from the so-called Facet syndrome (from Facet  Joints). Changes in your sleep routine or your sleep environment (a new pillow or a new mattress) can lead to neck pain as well.

Despite the severity of the pain, neck pain isn’t a dangerous condition. Only a small percentage of the cases will need surgery. That would happen only if there is a more serious underlying pathology (myelopathy, malignancy, or infection) found.

Neck pain can start gradually (getting worse day by day) or have an acute onset. The symptoms could be decreased range of motion combined with pain or difficulties in every direction. In many cases, neck pain can coexist with upper thoracic pain in between the shoulder blades. Many factors can affect its appearance and duration. Some of them are a previous history of neck pain, work, reduced physical activity, trauma, stress, anxiety, etc.

Neck pain can be quite severe, but the pain does not equal tissue damage.


Neck pain can last from a couple of days up to 5-6 weeks. Even though this varies on the patient’s individuality, daily life, and history. Neck pain with no referred pain to the arm, hand, or fingers usually has a very positive prognosis.


Physiotherapy and chiropractic care are first-line treatment options for neck pain.

Through evaluation, the physiotherapist/ chiropractor can suggest a treatment plan that may include crucial information about posture and physical activity, dos and don’ts regarding work and sports, etc. In addition, treatment may include analgesia via electric stimulation, massage, stretching, manual therapy, and manipulation/adjustments.

At the end of the treatment, the patients will be able to know what they should do and what to avoid. Great emphasis will be given to education regarding pain neuroscience and exercise.

Research has shown that physiotherapy/chiropractic treatments can reduce drastically the severity and duration of the symptoms!

In conclusion, neck pain is an unpleasant experience, which will affect most people in the world. With physiotherapy/chiropractic and appropriate medication, you can have great results! Stop putting your life on hold!

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