Annick B.

We visited no more pain thanks to the receptionist of our hotel. So we went the first time on October 1st for my friend for her back pain and neck pain,  and we meet George KOUMENTOS. One hour with George and she was a new woman, no more pain !!!!  October 2, I missed a very high step near the swimming pool in the hotel, and my back becomes very painful, my left leg too. I called George to explain and I visited him at 3, the same day.

After one hour, the same: no more pain.

George gave us advice for the next days for my friend: to do exercises every 2 or 3 hours and for me: don’t walk too much till Monday, stay quiet, and only an exercise to do when back in the hotel. He told me, send me a message through Viber to tell me how you feel tomorrow.  I did it and his answer was lovely.

Very professional staff who saved my vacation.

Many thanks.

Annick B.